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Glyphosate CertificationWe are the first independent third party certification company to offer Glyphosate Free Certified™ testing in the world. We learned early on the harm of GMO's in our food supply. We knew once the consumer learned the real concern should be Glyphosate sprays on those GMO crops, this would become the worlds largest concern in our food supply chain. So we are here to offer our producers a way to show their clients and consumers their proactive approach of keeping there produce glyphosate free.

Genetically engineered crops are manipulated in a way that could never occur in nature so plants like cornsoycanola, cotton, and sugar beets can withstand high doses of glyphosate-containing herbicides that would normally kill them. The result? Glyphosate in food that people and farm animals eat.

So, in short a company creates a genetically engineered crop that will not die when it is spread with glyphosate!  They provide these seeds to farmers to plant and then ask the farm to spray their specialized herbicide which contains glyphosate sprayed on the crop.  This kills all surrounding vegetation, except the GMO crop.  This spray makes it into our soil, water and then into our food supply.

It's quite crucial to understand that glyphosate contamination is systemic, meaning it is present in every cell of the plant, from root to tip. It's not just an issue of topical contamination, as with many other agricultural chemicals sprayed on crops.

Normally, you need to thoroughly wash your produce to remove topical residues, but you simply cannot remove glyphosate from your produce. And neither can food and animal feed manufacturers who use GE ingredients in their products.

BioChecked™ Agrees to provide third party certification for Glyphosate Free Certified™ by reviewing and holding producer’s individual copy of laboratory test results of Glyphosate testing in house in secure and confidential manner for 1 year and as renewed. (Testing is required annually for each product.  Each product test must meet and maintain our threshold regarding the traceability and identification of seed, food and animal feed from glyphosate (Thresholds - 0.1% - Seed, 0.1% -Human Food, Ingredients, Supplements, Personal Care Products, and other products that are either ingested or used directly on skin. 0.1% - Animal Feed and Supplements.

Visit: BioChecked for more information on becoming Glyphosate Free Certified™

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